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Thread: Restoring rdiff backup files

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    Restoring rdiff backup files

    Hello. I am attempting to restore files from an RDiff back-up performed some 2/3 years ago. I have tried the rdiff-backup -r command but not getting very far. Here is a screen grab of the files I have.
    Could anyone please tell me how to restore the back up files? BTW - the increments folder is empty. Bakup log lists all the files backed up. (See attachments) Thanks in advance.
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    Re: Restoring rdiff backup files

    Can anyone help?
    I just want to issue a command that will beging restoring files from the backup file created using rdiff backup.

    These are two examples I found.
    rdiff-backup --restore-as-of now local-dir/file
    rdiff-backup -r now local-dir/file
    Yet I can't seem to get it to work. Files are on my maching and not a remote machine

    PLEASE HELPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


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