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Thread: rsync syncing issues. Unable to send large directories of files.

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    Question rsync syncing issues. Unable to send large directories of files.

    Hello fellow Ubuntuers,

    I apologize if this is isn't quite the right section for this type of issue, but I am new to the forums and wasn't quite sure which category this belonged in.
    I am trying to sync a the files contained in a samba share located on a Ubuntu 12.04LTS machine to a remote repository contained on an Ubuntu Server (11 or 12? Latest LTS)edition server. I have installed rsync and updated it on both machines. I am running the following command to try to accomplish this task:
    rsync -azvr /home/REPOSITORY -e "ssh -p [PORT #] -i [KEYNAME&LOCATION]" [usernamel]@[SERVERADDRESS]:[REMOTE DIRECTORY]
    This command then begins to work (so it seems) with the following:

    sending incremental file list

    It then hangs here for hours and does nothing else.
    The directory it is syncing is about 60GB so not outrageous, but quite large and there are some files which are in the 50-60MB size range with one in particular that is 1GB.

    I have run this command several times overnight hoping to see better results in the morning and wondering if it is just taking a long time to transfer the whole directory because it is decently large and the internet connection on the transferring side is about 1.5mbps upload, but everytime I check on it the connection eventually times out and when I check the remote directory's size with the du command it isn't any bigger, or at least insignificantly bigger.

    It seems to have created the directory tree just fine, but most of the directories are empty.

    Any ideas on what the problem could be?

    Requirements are that it must use an alternative port for SSH and also a key file for connection to the remote repository. Password configurations are not accepted. The ports could change if that is really the issue.
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