I set up a ubuntu desktop to run with a Plex media server. However, I want to access the ubuntu directory from my mac. The idea is that I have media I acquire on my mac that I then want to move to the ubuntu machine. So, mac --> ubuntu --> plex. I followed this guys mostly GUI sharing set-up using samba. I see from another post that I can use NFS instead. Since I want this to be a one-and-done connection I could use the NFS set-up, but honestly, it runs to multiple pages and I'm looking for the easy way out.

I had success with the GUI samba installation. I mounted the ubuntu directory onto the mac, I could read the files, but I couldn't add new files, I didn't have permission. When I mounted the directory I connected as the "sharer" user(as described in the previously linked instructions). That worked great until I tried to move a file into the shared directory, Mac's Finder then asked for username and password. I tried both my mac username and password and the sharer username and password. Neither worked.

I see four possible options going forward:
1. Set-up the shared directory to share as guest, less secure, but my wifi is secure and i don't think my girlfriend is trying to hack me...
2. Suck it up and do the NFS file sharing method.
3. Figure out the permissions required to use the samba user "sharer."
4. Use a different method to move files(Dropbox local(I've heard there's such a thing, FTP, other)