Hey guys, I've been having this problem with Skype for MONTHS so other people must have to....Basically, Skype crashes 100% when doing a video-to-video call. Sometimes within 1min sometimes after 3-4min. Audio only calls and if Skype is only active in the background don't make it crash. Apparently in the older version than the current available on Skype.com, many many people had this problem and it was related to a dependency problem in 12.04 and 13.04. I was hoping the most recent update/release would therefore fix it, and it did fix that issue but now Skype is crashing because of a new bug;

"Skype crashed with sigabrt in raise()"

Anyone know wtf is going on with Skype or how to fix this?!? Skype version under Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (x64).