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Thread: When does the Ubuntu phone arrive?

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    Re: When does the Ubuntu phone arrive?

    Quote Originally Posted by bass740 View Post
    The actual message but this is the least of the issues its just an addition to a new intrusive behavior by droid phones and the makers.
    HTC Sense has always integrated with Facebook. It contains its own Facebook reader. Nothing new there, my HTC Desire from 2010 does the same thing.

    If drivers are currently a problem this late into the project with all the hype this OS has then theres a serious issue. I figured theyre polishing the OS by now not trying to get a wifi card to work. Still hope something is released.
    You don't understand. Drivers are not a problem on supported devices. What you asked about was why we can't install Ubuntu on any mobile phone just like we install on PCs. The answer to that question is that drivers are not available for the thousands of different chips available in smart phones today. Unlike on PCs you can't just download a driver on its own, or reverse engineer the one that is running. On phones, drivers only come built-in on the operating system. Ubuntu can't get these drivers for every piece of hardware out there. Only certain phones have drivers available that Ubuntu can incorporate.

    Not to mention, PCs are comparatovely standard hardware compared to phones. There is not "one way" of booting a phone. Every phone has a different startup sequence. By contrast, every PC has a BIOS or UEFI and the same code can boot any PC. Not so with phones.

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    Re: When does the Ubuntu phone arrive?

    Thanks for the informative post 3rd, its intrusive regardless of the length of time they've been doing this, they shouldnt be asking, but like I said theyre not the main issue but was the last straw. Google is 10X worse, and download almost any app now and it wants everything.

    So I think this OS cant fail once its released.

    I think a Donate Tab on this site would go a long way helping this project.
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