Hi everyone!

I have a Lacie Network Space 2 NAS connected to my router at home. The NAS partitions are mounted on my PC during boot via fstab.
At the moment, I access my NAS data mainly from LAN using the mounted partitions; sometimes from internet using FTP.

I wuold like to change the acces mode a little:
- mount some partitions in this way, allowing data access from the LAN
- copy the full content of some other partitions to my PC, and sometimes sync the data with the NAS
- the data will be mirrored only from PC to NAS (no sync from NAS to PC)
- I DON'T want to backup data (with versions, compressed formats, ...), but to have a copy of them, so I can access them from other PCs

My idea is to use RSYNC, and I'm able to mirror my data if I work with the mounted partition. My idea is to remove the network partition, so I will work only on the data on my PC (without the risk to create files on the server instead of the local drive and screw the mirroring) and than sync the changes to NAS. The idea is to use RSYNC via ssh, but my NAS doesn't have ssh (well, I can hack it, but I prefer not to), and ssh connection obviously fails.

Is there any other method to do this thing? Backup softwares could be good if I can backup files as is (not compressed) and without backup versoning (every new backup must rewrite the last one, and files deleted from local drive must be deleted on the NAS).