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Thread: How to convert existing system to LVM

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    How to convert existing system to LVM

    I have 5 disks in my current server which are just mounted separately in fstab.

    ubuntu server install is on sda, ext4

    And then I have four xfs drives that are used as NFS and samba storage on my network;

    sdb mounted on /mnt/afs
    sdc mounted on /mnt/bfs
    sdd mounted on /mnt/cfs
    sde mounted on /mnt/dfs

    A single partition on each, I have enough space to copy all data onto 3 drives giving me a completely spare drive if necessary.

    What I would like to do is convert sdb - sde to LVM and bring them all into one logical drive. Primarily to make file sharing easier.

    So I'm thinking I need to run the following, to bring each drive under LVM control, -Zn will preserve all my existing data;

    pvcreate --metadatacopies 0 -Zn /dev/sdb1
    pvcreate --metadatacopies 0 -Zn /dev/sdc1
    pvcreate --metadatacopies 0 -Zn /dev/sdd1
    pvcreate --metadatacopies 0 -Zn /dev/sde1

    Create a new volume group using the newly created pvs

    vgcreate vg0 /dev/sdb1 /dev/sdc1 /dev/sdd1 /dev/sde1/
    Create the logical volume;

    lvcreate -Zn vg0 /dev/sdb1
    I would then mount sdb1 in fstab

    Do I need to change my physical extents?

    I would also prefer not to strip my data, is it necessary for me to force this option?

    To add a new drive in the future;
    vgextend vg0 /dec/sdf
    Have I understood google correctly? This is something I don't want to use trial and error on.

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    Re: How to convert existing system to LVM

    Don't know how, but you might want to read up on what happens if 1 drive in the LVM set fails. What happens to the data on all the other drives? Can it still be accessed?

    As another option - you migh t or might not like - perhaps just merging the existing storage into a single "view" would meet your requirements? People with lots of media use these all the time.
    * aufs
    * UnionFS
    * mhddfs
    Anyway, thought you might like these options to consider. Sorry, don't have a good answer to the real question - which is still an option.
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