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Thread: Lemur Ultra strange lines on screen

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    Lemur Ultra strange lines on screen


    Every once in a while, a bunch of discontinuous lines will appear in my screen (this happens with both monitors, as I have a dual monitor setup). The issue appears to be random, and usually goes away within a 2-3 seconds, usually after I move the mouse around.

    Here are two screenshots of the phenomenon (ignore the black rectangles; I put them there to hide sensitive information):

    Has anyone ever seen this behavior?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Lemur Ultra strange lines on screen


    I have the exact same behaviour in my Lemur Ultra. Even when I use external screen. Some days it does show up very often, some other days it doesn't. I was suspecting some graphic card issue, but I would love to know what others think. It can be annoying.


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