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Thread: Help recovering old account

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    Exclamation Help recovering old account

    I have a minor issue with the UbuntuForums at the moment. I had an account a while ago - rhss6-2011 with a generated password (from my own program) and after submitting a help ticket I was told if I used the same email address I used to register the account I would have the same username and everything...

    Well, I tried all three emails I use to "resend password" and none of them came back with an existing account...

    (Emails redacted)

    This being said, I STILL want to regain my old account but with the new security features and whatnot I have no idea how to continue from here... I'd really appreciate the help, and to any STAFF I'd be more than happy to answer security questions, email information, passwords, or whatever is needed to regain my account...

    Many thanks,
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    Re: HELP recovering old account???

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    Re: Help recovering old account

    The vbulletin password means nothing - it is no longer used. The problem was that once you had used an email in Ubuntu One different from the one in the rhss6-2011 forum account, your Ubuntu One account was linked to this new forum account until such time as a forum admin unlinked the two. I'm not sure what you mean by resend password, but that wouldn't help.

    Anyway - this is all moot. Fortunately, the first email that you posted is the one that is registered to the rhss6-2011 account, which satisfies our security check. Although it has been edited out of your post to protect you from spammers, forum admins can still read the unedited version. In the circumstances, I was able to adjust configurations such that if you now log out of the forum and in again, you will do so to the rhss6-2011 account. You will not be able to post to this thread as rhss6-2011, but if you would kindly pm me from the rhss6-2011 account, that would help me to tie up a few loose ends.
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