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Thread: gamepad configuration advice please

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    Question gamepad configuration advice please

    Hello. Thanks for taking a look.
    I'm trying to set up a gamepad so that I can use it to play the first person shooter game Assaultcube. I can set everything so that I can move forwards,backwards and sidewards, shoot, jump etc. but I am unable to set one of the sticks to pan (i.e. look up, down and around and changedirection when combined with movement). I assume it has something to do with the axes settings. I would have thought that settings are pretty standard. At the moment I am trying to use AntiMicro software. I cannot find any advice anywhere. So if you are a whizz at this type of thing, help me out, will you? Thanks again.

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    Re: gamepad configuration advice please

    Which device controls that movement?
    Is it on the mouse?
    Or Keyboard?

    Can you map the joystick to match the key layout or the mouse movement?

    If I remember, that movement is a mouse movement(but my Memory lapses quite often)
    So I would think remapping the mouse to that stick should work.
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