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Thread: Automounting problem - WD 3TB My Book

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    Lightbulb Automounting problem - WD 3TB My Book

    Hello everyone!!!

    Recently I purchased a 3TB Western Digital My Book. I have the same model but in 2TB version which works perfectly in Ubuntu, but it's full of multimedia content. The new one, the 3TB version, shows me a little problem. I must mount it manually always. Curiously BIOS can't detect the 2TB and 3TB HD, but they work perfectly on Ubuntu. I have tried the next options:

    First Attempt - Format it manually (I have read the +2TB limitation so I partitioned manually for a GPT partition table and EXT4 FS):

    $ sudo parted /dev/sdg
    mklabel gpt
    mkpart primary ext4 0% 100%

    $ sudo mkfs.ext4 /dev/sdg1
    $ sudo e2label /dev/sdg1 WD2

    Result: all ok but Ubuntu can't automount the unit

    Second Attempt - Using fstab and mtab:

    $ sudo mkdir /media/WD2

    $ sudo nano /etc/fstab
    UUID=4901a1e3-3fdb-4796-9e2e-2b42c0c600fb /media/WD2 ext4 errors=remount-ro 0 1
    $ sudo nano /etc/mtab
    /dev/sdg1 /media/WD2 ext4 rw,errors=remount-ro 0 0

    $ sudo mount /dev/sdg1

    Result: all ok, but if I want to automount the unit, I need to connect the HD before turn on the PC or restart it.

    Third Attempt - Use other OS:

    I have a Galaxy S3 with an OTG cable and SmartDroid ROM, so I can connect the HD and it works really great with USB OTG Helper and Solid Explorer APKs.
    On a laptop with Windows 8.1, I formatted the HD in NTFS and it works great. The HD automounts correctly everytime I connect and disconnect it from laptop. If I go to the Ubuntu PC, HD doesn't automount.
    Using a Ubuntu liveusb, the result is the same...

    OS -Ubuntu 13.10 x64
    Kernel - Liquorix kernel 3.12-8.dmz.1-liquorix-amd64
    Motherboard - Pegatron Cleveland GL-8

    Question: What other options do I have?

    Thank you so much for your help!!!

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    Re: Automounting problem - WD 3TB My Book

    I have bought maybe the same drive. Then, I saw your post here.
    Did you solve your problem?
    What should I do first to set the drive right for use in w7 and ubuntu?
    If you solved your problem. I would very much appreciate your assistance on this.

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    Re: Automounting problem - WD 3TB My Book


    After waiting a few months for the new Ubuntu 14.04, the "problem" has been solved

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