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Thread: High memory usage after tasks/on idle

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    High memory usage after tasks/on idle

    Hello All,

    I'm not quite sure if this is a problem, but anyway I really wonder its answer and, if there is, its solution.

    I'm running Mint 13.04 on Dell Latitude laptop with 8GB of memory. Some scripts I run on this laptop consumes a lot memory (around 80%). After these processes are over, used memory does not increase and always stays around %80. That is, the top command gives

    KiB Mem: 8062004 total, 7870024 used, 191980 free, 6992 buffers
    KiB Swap: 8269820 total, 5733060 used, 2536760 free, 1128396 cached

    even after couple of hours the scripts are done. My question is, is this normal for memory to stay that low? If yes, how can I 'refresh' of 'flush' the memory to its original size again?


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    Re: High memory usage after tasks/on idle

    Thread moved to the "Other OS/Distro Support" forum.

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