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Thread: bonx6 Mint 16 Cinnamon - how to fix broken suspend

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    bonx6 Mint 16 Cinnamon - how to fix broken suspend

    I'm not sure if it is something that is specific to my machine or my upgrade path, but when I moved from Mint 15 to Mint 16, suspend would no longer work; neither when closing the lid, nor when selecting it from the shutdown menu. When trying to resume, it would freeze at the login screen.

    Changing drivers through the Driver Manager only made things worse.

    I didn't figure this out on my own. See the links below for reference.

    This is for the 64 bit version. Check the links for the 32 bit. It will update the kernel, then the video drivers.

    sudo apt-get purge nvidia-current
    sudo dpkg -i linux-headers-3.13.0-*.deb linux-image-3.13.0-*.deb
    sudo apt-repository ppaorg-edgers/ppa
    sudo add-apt-repository ppaorg-edgers/ppa
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install nvidia-current nvidia-settings
    apt remove --purge xserver-xorg-video-nouveau libdrm-nouveau1


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    Re: bonx6 Mint 16 Cinnamon - how to fix broken suspend

    Had the same symptoms after upgrading to Mint 16 32-bit.

    Updating the package: linux-firmware from 1.116 to 1.116.1 fixed it all.

    (Currently, when using Mint's update manager, you will need to view all levels of updates - at the moment this package is
    in the Level 5 nasty-dangerous category !)

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