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Thread: Cannot burn or rip cd's/dvd's

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    Angry Cannot burn or rip cd's/dvd's

    Ok so I bought this s76 laptop around a year ago. its a lemur ultra (model lemu4). I've been looking everywhere, trying different programs, rhythmbox, furius ISO, Brasero, nothing works. I can play cd's/dvd's just fine but I can't rip or burn them. I've tried looking and I cannot find any drivers for this player I have but nothing works, which is rediculous because I payed a lot of money for this can someone help me out and tell me what else I can do to fix this.

    Whenever I try to submit tickets on system76's website, I get a blank page and their operators are off all weekend so I can't call them.


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    Re: Cannot burn or rip cd's/dvd's

    May I suggest that you borrow a friend's external CD/DVD burner to attempt to find out if this could be a hardware issue? If you can burn with the external drive, then it becomes an issue of deciding whether or not your internal CD/DVD burner is correctly detected. Hopefully, someone else here can suggest how.

    Have a look at:
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