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Thread: various ata errors and DRDY stuff on all versions post 10.04

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    various ata errors and DRDY stuff on all versions post 10.04

    I delayed upgrading to 12.04 in order to avoid the god awful Unity or Gnome 3 desktop environments. However, now that 10.04 is oficially dead as a desktop OS, I needed to upgrade - how I wish I hadn't. I seem to be plagued with all kinds of ata<insert any number here> errors with DRDY also apparent - this either causes a loing delay in my system booting, or it will not boot at all. I didn't bother with 11.04, so I'm only aware of these problems, which are apparent on 12.04, 12.10. 13.04 and 13.10 - all throw these errors at me on booting up on my main machine. I have two other machines that also run 12.04. but they seem to boot up ok, (one was ugraded from 10.04) but both of these report frequent system faults whilst running - what on earth is going wrong?

    My system runs fine with a 10.04 install, but has all these silly errors once I start to install anything up-to-date. Is there something fundamentally wrong with Ubuntu these days that it has become so bad and continually throws these boot errors and system problems whilst running?

    I know that ata errors usually relate to hardware issues, such as a bad HDD or even a bad SATA cable connection, however I am certain that my hardware is fine, as demonstrated by the fact that 10.04 installs and suns with out any of these issues. If anyone can shed any light on thses issues it may persuade me from abandoning the Ubuntu camp entirely, as it is getting to the point that seriously doubt that the Ubuntu project takes proper computer users, (i.e. those of us on desktop computers who wish to do more than watch videos on YouTube, or socially interact on Fakebook) seriously any more.

    Perhaps it's time to move on?
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    Re: various ata errors and DRDY stuff on all versions post 10.04

    Hey there,

    Does the drive have SMART capabilities? If so, run some smart tests to be certain of the drives health. You could be experiencing an unlucky coincidence that the drive is starting to fail just as you need to upgrade.



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