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Thread: ubuntu vs win8 boot

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    ubuntu vs win8 boot

    Hi, on pc boot the top left of screen allows 4 choices to boot from. ubuntu is first and win8 last, if 10 seconds elapse ubuntu will boot. I would like to have win8 be the top choise, such that after 10 seconds elapse w/o a user selection then win8 will boot. How can I do this?

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    Re: ubuntu vs win8 boot

    You can either edit the GRUB_DEFAULT=number in the file /etc/default/grub.
    and make the entry the number that win8 is listed.
    try grub-customizer

    Of the two, grub-customizer is probably the better choice for you, now...(as a opposed to later)
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    Re: ubuntu vs win8 boot

    Quote Originally Posted by deadflowr View Post
    You can either edit the GRUB_DEFAULT=number in the file /etc/default/grub....
    Or the same file and Use the Windows entry title in the GRUB_DEFAULT= line
    I forget the actual name of a Windows entry but a default for any specific boot entry can be booted this way.

    If the windows entry from os-prober was "Windows 7 Loader" or like that the entry would look like

    GRUB_DEFAULT="Windows 7 Loader"

    Saved and with grub updated, this will set the default, if numbering is used and Windows is at the bottom a new linux kernel addition can throw out the default boot, going by title nothing will change even with a kernel addition in Linux.
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