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Thread: Mounting/Unmounting problem (I think)...

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    Mounting/Unmounting problem (I think)...

    Running 13.04...I am trying to put an .iso on a DVD+R disc with Startup Disc Creator. I have started by rebooting the system. I bring up the system;then I open the DVD drive and insert a blank DVD; then I close the drive. I immediately get an error message saying that I cannot burn the blank because the drive is mounted.
    Then I tried this:
    sudo umount -f /dev/sr0
    and I get a error message saying the drive isn't mounted. Then I repeat what I have done. What's going on? I even tried using media from another manufacturer.
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    Re: Mounting/Unmounting problem (I think)...

    Thread closed - please do not post duplicate threads as it dilutes community effort.

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