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Thread: Ubuntu Launcher bar icon rearranging

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    Ubuntu Launcher bar icon rearranging

    I finally found out how to rearrange the icons in the left-side Launcher bar, but I thought it could be done more intuitive because I had to do a web search to find out. Scrolling is reserved to dragging up and down (which is what I thought was for rearranging icons), but if the mouse wheel or up/down/Page Up/Page Down keyboard buttons were used instead (while hovering or focused), that would make more sense, or even add a scrollbar to drag. Currently if I have more icons than fit in the launcher, it's actually more work to drag up and down than to just flip a mouse wheel.

    Is this even configurable? I'm trying to learn Ubuntu. Even a way to lock it would be nice. Thanks

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    Re: Ubuntu Launcher bar icon rearranging

    I don't know what version of Ubuntu you are running, but it sounds like 12.04, using the lesser unity version, unity2d.
    I only think that because with unity, rearranging the icons is a matter of pulling the icon out of the launcher(simply hold the left mouse button down, and drag it to the right) and then move it to where you want to place it an reinsert it.

    But the description you give is like the behavior to move the icons in unity2d, which, now, is only available for 12.04.
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    Re: Ubuntu Launcher bar icon rearranging

    See the Ubuntu manual link in my signature , just select your version and download.
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    Re: Ubuntu Launcher bar icon rearranging

    Ubuntu 12.04 uses Unity 5 (I think). I am using a version of Ubuntu that has Unity 7. Which will be the version of Unity in Ubuntu 14.04 when it is released. All I need to do is move the mouse pointer to the bottom of the Launcher panel and the panel expands revealing all the icons that were collapsed and out of sight at the bottom of the Launcher.

    Ubuntu comes with a desktop user guide installed by default. A link to it is in the power/cog menu - Ubuntu Help. It can also be found in the Dash by searching for Help.

    More than a year ago we had the opportunity to run an application that would test the functions of Unity and we could make comments. The results went straight to the developers of Unity. I think that it is too late to make suggestions about how Unity works.

    1) We have Unity 7 and that is going into Ubuntu 14.04 with 5 years support.

    2) All Unity development work is going into Unity 8 which is the Unity used in Ubuntu Touch for phones and tablets. Unity 8 is much more than a newer version of Unity 7. It has a different code base. By the release of Ubuntu 14.10 or 15.04 at the latest, Unity 8 will be converged into the Ubuntu Desktop code base. This convergence of the Ubuntu Mobile platform into the Ubuntu desktop platform is where the main Unity development effort is being directed.

    Many discussions about Ubuntu development now take place on Ubuntu On-Air, including design discussions.

    And then there are the 3 monthly Ubuntu Developer Summits (UDS). We will soon be informed of the dates of the next UDS.

    Get involved is the best way to get ideas accepted. It is the way things are done in open source development.

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