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Thread: Unable to access PPTP server's external IP

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    Unable to access PPTP server's external IP

    Hi, I consider myself a newbie, and I am not good at explaining my problem. Sorry in advance.

    I have an Apache development server (ex: | ) setup at work that is used only for internal dev purpose. I have UFW setup to only allow access from to port 80. So that all workstation within this class B network can access it. It works well.

    Now, I wish to access from the outside "securely". Since I only have one server, I installed PPTPd on I have opened port 1723 to the world. It uses NAT and has an internal IP of I have no problem getting internet access through PPTP or accessing OTHER servers that is blocked to the outside network through PPTP.

    However, I cannot access the development server itself via its external IP or hostname, only via the internal IP ( assigned by the PPTP NAT.

    Example: - Apache Dev Server, PPTP Server. Only allow access from the subnet. PPTP port open to the world. - Other Server. Only allow access from the subnet.

    My Macbook, located outside of the network, have no problem accessing 250.2 through PPTP. However, when I try to access 250.1, it tries to go the regular, non VPN, route (verified with traceroute). Of course, in the regular route, it gets blocked by the Firewall on 250.1.

    I could get it work by editing the hosts file on my Macbook so always point to the internal IP ( But the means when I bring my laptop to work, I have to either remove that line on the host file or always connect through PPTP.

    What did I miss? Is it a UFW problem? NAT problem? PPTP problem? or problem with the setup on my laptop?

    I setup pptpd following the instruction from this site:

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    Re: Unable to access PPTP server's external IP

    Dump PPTP and use SSH instead. It's orders of magnitude more secure. If you really do need to set up a tunnel with the server and not simply run a terminal session, then use OpenVPN with static keys.
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