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@ coldcritter64; appreciate watching my back.

I did catch that the swap partition was made, however - and I may be jumping at conclusions, that maybe ubuntu is to be installed onto another drive - but, There is no provision on the sda drive for ubuntu. As the drive is HPFS, there is no way. The current fstab references sda6 as "/", that partition is also Windows proprietary HPFS partitioned, not ext4 (or other linux schemes).

Am I missing something here, or do I have a failure to comprehend ?

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OP, what is on /dev/sda6 & /dev/sda7 (anything data wise ?) your gparted shows /dev/sda6 as unknown but terminal shows it as HPFS etc as Bashing-om notes, also /dev/sda7 on your gparted output shows as ext4 but once again the terminal shows HPFS (???) How did you install the system in such circumstances; was wubi involved in any way OP ?; ubuntu on a NTFS filesystem ?; (it is not the same as "bare metal" dual booting) and may be important to know if it is used here.

@ Bashing-om, I think this is a bit deeper than I first noted . fdisk isn't noting a GPT table so sda6 sda7 and sda8 are logical partitions and as such Windows can't boot from there (the OS itself, ok for storage though). Unless they are storage volumes it seems they are being detected wrong either in terminal or gparted (they differ for the same device) or may be wrongly formatted. Interesting .