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Thread: Newbie - Edirol DA-2496, Midisport 8x8 and Setting Up Ubuntustudio 12.04

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    Newbie - Edirol DA-2496, Midisport 8x8 and Setting Up Ubuntustudio 12.04

    Hi Everyone - I'm about to switch to ubuntustudio 12.04 having never used it before (always been win7/cubase) and have a lot of synths/midi outboard gear.

    Ive gotten myself an older carillon AC1 pc, which I will be putting in an SSD drive as system drive, and installing ubuntustudio on it.

    Spec is Intel Dual core 3.2ghz with 2gb Ram. Asrock 775i65G mobo (with recently added nVidia Quadro 4 980XGL 128MB AGP 8X Video Card - to run 2 monitors)

    Any advice on installing/using the hardware mentioned? Like any quirks I should know... I think I read somewhere the midisport will need to have the firmware updated.

    Is 12.04 the most stable as its supported until 2017, or should I go for the later version of ubuntustudio - 13.10?

    Most of my music production will be MIDI based.... As looking at Qtractor it looks like I will be able to save the final productions as MIDI files and then play them on my Akai MPC (which im updating from 2000XL to either 2500 or 5000 - as need more midi channels) although there will be some audio recording which will then be exported/saved onto the mpc. (When doing live stage work, everything will be played off the MPC)

    Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated - also any recommended links to youtube tutorials to get me started would be a bonus.

    Many thanks in advance


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    Re: Newbie - Edirol DA-2496, Midisport 8x8 and Setting Up Ubuntustudio 12.04

    Which version to choose could depend on many things. You might want to try out both 12.04 and 13.10 running on Live session to see if everything is starting up ok and to check if the 13.10 version have newer versions of some of the applications that you want or need. Otherwise I would stick with 12.04 if everything worked and I didn't need any new functionality or feature that is available in the newer version.

    Then again, in April there will be an new LTS release, 14.04, so if you're not in a rush you could also wait for that before doing the permanent switch.

    As for recommended links, take a look at if you haven't already.


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