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Thread: Crashes on games

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    Crashes on games

    I'm a linux gamer. Surprise surprise. Crashes like this happen at different rates on different games.
    No stuttering or audio skipping is involved, No artifacting or other visual happenings,

    It just DIES. Click your fingers and it's done. Imagine I'm playing steam. I play Metro: Last light, Team Fortress 2, Hell even Pirates of the Caribbean on WINE. It quits and rolls back to the steam window. So I have to start up the game again.
    These games are sort of strenuous. (Strange thing, Metro runs better on the highest settings than on the lower ones)
    Okay. Here's my problem.

    Metro is the most painful on my system. It goes through periods of lag sometimes and crashes almost randomly. Higher crash rates in places with lots of water.

    Team fortress 2 isn't hugely tough to run, But it crashes about 50% of the time when I open the 'Options' menu. But if it's been opened already in the same session, It opens fine.

    Pirates of the Caribbean is run on WINE. This only has lag because it's run in WINE. And it crashes when I go onto the 'World map'

    I'm enclosing a script I ran to see what the problem was. I couldn't discern anything from it. I'll add more but the crashes seem not to happen as often if I'm running a script.

    I also have a sibling in the house with the same computer and components as I do. He had his graphics card replaced because it crashed often, But not the same crashes as I have. He still gets those, albeit not as often as me, but his GPU was vastly improved, Letting him run games 50% faster than he normally did.

    Any help would be nice, Thanks.

    Ubuntu 12:04 (I think)
    6 core AMD FX processor
    AMD HD Radeon 7750 Graphics card
    Latest steam client

    I can add more detail if you need, Just ask and I'll run a hardware benchmark.


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    Re: Crashes on games

    I also have some problems with when I Alt+tab out of games, And click back to them, It dies too.

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    Re: Crashes on games

    Why you run Metro and TF2 on wine they are native on LINUX!

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