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Thread: Ubuntu 12.04.4 Daily Build

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    Ubuntu 12.04.4 Daily Build

    Dear thewise,

    as is stated in this post, i was researching a solution to run a Elantech Touchpad under 12.04.3. It does work with the dailybuild live of 12.04.4 though and that brings me here (-:
    Im totally in the precise-fever and i cant wait for the alpha2 to get released at the 24th of this month. So, long story short, following questions about the Daily Build :

    - Is a Dauily Build of a pointrelease to consider as unstable as a a Daily Build of a full release ?

    - If i install the 12.04.4 DB (Daily Build) on my machine, is there a place to exchange expieriences about it? (maybe this thread then ?)

    - Do i really have to take into account that i damage hardware with that ? Or can we sum that up below 1% chance ?

    thank you
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