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Thread: Would like to recover my old account.

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    Would like to recover my old account.

    Missed the July email about why the SSO was implemented until I went back to figure out when I had gone insane. I beleive I have it sorted now, and would appreciate assistance.

    Here it the profile for the old account:

    Read this thread: after it had already created stormzen2, but went back and linked the two together anyway ( to the old email ), trying to fix it myself. I'm pretty certain that I got the email address correct, as I was able to view the email to the old account regarding the changes, and I verified that the email headers don't show any forwarding in the raw message. .. But if the provider rewrote those, it might be a little more difficult for me to determine which account the original email was forwarded from.

    ( It may be easier to confirm receipt of the message than it would to say exactly which email address was registered to the old account, though, as I mentioned earlier, I had a distinct feeling that I had gone insane when my creds didn't work, so it's likely that I tied the correct email address to the new account, and it just didn't work for reasons that the post I referred to above said it wouldn't. )

    I think I provided everything that was needed ... did I miss anything?

    Thanks for your help!

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    Re: Would like to recover my old account.

    The gmail you used in Ubuntu One was the gmail that you used to register the forum stormzen account in 2008. You then changed the email in the stormzen account to a different gmail in 2009. The email match from Ubuntu One only looks for currently used emails in forum accounts, which is why a duplicate account was created.

    Fortunately, since we have a record of you using the Ubuntu One account gmail in the stormzen account, this satisfies our security check and I have been able to adjust configurations so that next time you log into the forum from Ubuntu One, you will do so to the stormzen account. I have disabled this account.

    You will not be able to post to this thread as stormzen - special permissions apply to this section of the forum - but please pm me from the stormzen account to confirm that you have been able to log in.
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