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JWM is probably one of the lightest. If light & fast is the priority and the environment isn't intended for long-term use, it would be a good choice.
We're still doing lots of testing and experiments. Once we review our findings, we then decide which WM/DE will be our default.

Just my opinion, but it seems like you really want to decide one way or the other. Otherwise you'll waste a lot of time trying to make a minimal environment useful and user-friendly.
There is nothing as perfect and will never ever be. Also, you can't, no matter what, make everyone happy, no doubt about that.
However, creating a balance is good idea and I do believe we can do it.

What is the lightest official flavour of Ubuntu as the world know it? the answer is Lubuntu, right?
Lubuntu as of today doesn't support Non-PAE machines by default + it is not very very lightweight + despite it is beautiful and easy, some thing the otherwise and some thing it's not user-friendly (how I know? I've been a leader for Lubuntu for 2 years and I've read each and every feedback as I was in charge of all its social media channel).

ToriOS, if we shall go for Ubuntu as the base of our system, should be even lighter than Lubuntu and does support Non-PAE machines and also LTS (I know Lubuntu 14.04 supposed to be LTS - I did create a youtube video to promote that myself).

The idea is to provide a better option than Lubuntu for the machines that Lubuntu couldn't help.
Also, give a simple system to the users as the base of what they will build themselves. We count on our skills for this. Our Wiki Team that I trust, I am sure they will provide all the needed steps to achieve that for those who don't know. By doing that, ToriOS will not longer be for expert of non-beginners but will be for everyone. Being easy or hard, that is subject to the users themselves to decide.

Let's see ... we are still at the very beginning

Here's a brainstorm, but howabout a piece of software that analyzes the CPU, RAM, and Video hardware and recommends a choice of DE's to the user? E.G., the program detects a Pentium 4 with 1 GB of RAM and intel hardware, so it offers LXDE or enlightenment as choices (with screenshots and some bullet points, of course).
If there is something like that, please share

By developing your own WM, do you actually mean WM or DE? Seems like the world has enough window managers as it is. And what with X11 on the way out, it doesn't seem sensible to start developing a new one. Makes more sense to build up some kind of User Experience from existing parts and solidify it as the needs really gel (sort of like what's happening with Unity).
I mean a Window Manager (WM). And, we're not re-inventing the wheel nor anything. Developing our own WM has nothing to do with ToriOS current Development. If you read the announcement, you will come to know that having our own WM is a Sub-Project that should never ever affect the main project, that is developing ToriOS and that is exactly why the team is doing tests and experiments
New member joined us recently and he suggested that idea so I wanted to encourage him and allow him to prove himself. He has lots of experience as he said and works as Release Manager or something similar in Real Life. So, why not have something 'unique' for ToriOS? I see no harm with that. Some projects develop their own software as per their needs Not sure if I made it clear enough?

The target/plan now is to keep looking for the best WM for ToriOS while another sub-project is on going. Overkill and extra headache? no doubt but again, there is someone who is willing to do so.

That's a whole other can of worms, though I'm not surprised.
I do like challenges a lot. That is why I am insisting to use Ubuntu as the base however, it is not a strict requirement. If for the best of the users and the project to go for Debian, so be it. But as long as we still can go deeper and deeper + we believe in our skills, I see no reason to give up now and just go for Debia without trying. I don't give up and will never will unless each and every possibility is a dead end.

Well, I sincerely wish you luck!
Thank you, appreciate that
Our team is growing bigger and new skilled people are asking to join. I am glad to see that and hope we could do something 'useful' and 'different'.