Heya all,

I have been trying to install World of Warcraft on one of my machines recently, but I have run into issues. First, the machines running Windows partitions are not running properly (or at all, in one case), so I can't just install them easily there. Second, after attempting to install the game via WINE brings up an error message stating that "Windows Secondary Logon must be enabled to continue."

I am currently running WINE 1.4, and machine specifications for my laptop are as follows:

Intel Core i7 8 core CPU
8GB of RAM
nVidia Optimus GT555 with 2GB video RAM (running BumbleBee drivers)
Ubuntu 12.04

My server:
Intel Core i3 4 core CPU
16GB of RAM
nVidia GT620 with 1GB video RAM
Multiple SATA HDD
Lubuntu 13.04

I've looked around the web, but I can't find anything that would approximate this action in WINE.

Error message upon install:

Error message upon clicking URL:

Thanks in advance.