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Thread: OpenShot imported image problem

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    OpenShot imported image problem

    I have spent a whole heap of time trying to get an image to match the size of a video.

    The video happens to be 720 x 480.

    I have re-sized the image a number of times. But it seems that, whatever size I make it, it shows as what looks to be 16:9 matching the "720" dimension.

    I presume I do not have some "preference" set correctly.

    Does anyone know how to get this to behave itself.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: OpenShot imported image problem

    Well evidently no one has any solutions.

    But, since perhaps there are others who have the same problem, I thought I should post this.

    I played around with this some more and, to my total surprise, found that an image 320 x 240 works just fine. Well, apart from the lower fidelity thing.

    So, solved. But not very satisfactorily ...


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