Just wonder how many others were using Ubuntu with GNOME 3 instead of Unity or other Desktops? I ran Point Linux 2.2 for a few months and really liked it, it's Debian 7.2 Stable with MATE DE but I just wanted to try something different so I moved to Ubuntu/GNOME 13.10 and after I found out that I could set it up so I'd have a "live" desktop(i.e. create folders, have removable media show up there, have my Home folder and Trash on the desktop) and other little tweaks I really started enjoying it quite a bit. I used Tweak Tools to set it up the way I wanted it and I think it works as well for me now as GNOME 2/MATE was and it has a more modern look to it as well.
Anyway, just wanted to see if anyone else was using GNOME 3 and what you thought about it.