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Thread: How many Ubuntu installations are there?

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    How many Ubuntu installations are there?

    Initially I wanted to nudge Ufile (a publisher of Canadian income tax programs) to polish up its products so that they were completely compatible with Ubuntu/Wine. As it is, there are only a couple of minor glitches, which I was able to work around or avoid.
    However, though it is said that Canonical collects pings, no-one is telling about Ubuntu nor any other flavour of Linux. Now it occurs to me that, if this is true, it is a major lack of incentive for any commercial developer of software to be interested in this market.

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    Re: How many Ubuntu installations are there?

    In a general sense it is true that many commercial software companies can only see two PC operating systems. Do not forget that there are also many Linux developers. I would not agree that no one is speaking about Linux distributions. There is plenty of information around.

    One and a half million Ubuntu laptops is just a start

    The biggest incentive for any business to look for new markets is the fear of going bust.

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    Re: How many Ubuntu installations are there?

    Chris Kenyon, vice president for OEM at Canonical Ltd., said that because of a lack of registration, any number provided for Ubuntu usage is a "guesstimate".[104] In fall 2011 Canonical estimated that Ubuntu had more than 20 million users worldwide

    some more numbers at

    If you want to make it easier to be counted you can enable the popularity contest


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