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Thread: How to add music to your iPhone/iPad in Ubuntu (WORKAROUND) - all iOS devices!

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    How to add music to your iPhone/iPad in Ubuntu (WORKAROUND) - all iOS devices!

    Yes, folks. It's possible (and it works 100%), but it will require some work...
    As of now, there is no way of syncing your iOS devices with Linux/Ubuntu using traditional means. iOS 7 introduces another problem - the endless "Trust this Computer" loop.
    Here is how you can overcome all of that that. Works flawlessly for me.

    Step 1: Jailbreak your iDevice
    Step 2: Install the following apps using Cydia: PwnTunes and OpenSSH (NOTE: make sure these are compatible with your iOS version. iOS 7 has a separate PwnTunes app).
    Step 3: Go to PwnTunes settings and enable "Needs Sync" (you might have to fiddle around with other settings and reboot the device before everything works properly)
    Step 4: Install FileZilla in Ubuntu. Login to your device (Host: your device's Wifi IP, user: root, password: alpine, port: 22)
    Step 4: Navigate to "/private/var/mobile/Media/My Music" and drag the mp3 files from your computer to that folder.
    Step 5: Launch the Music app. If everything works properly, your files should be imported and become visible in the music app.

    PS essentially this method gives you a complete access to the iPhone/iPad's filesystem, including all hidden folders and files.

    Good luck!

    Staff edit : be aware this will break the device waranty
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