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Thread: Ubuntu Gnome bugs?

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    Ubuntu Gnome bugs?

    I read that Ubuntu Trusty has a lot of bugs and with Gnome, probably as well?

    I think I found one. I cannot easily rename files (on my other - 'external' drive). When I try to rename a file, the name goes 'blank' (white) and I cannot see anything that I type. Wtheck?

    Is this a well known bug? The other thing that seems to happen is that another file adjacent to it gets renamed instead. This is really annoying. I had to boot up another OS to rename the files.

    Edit: P.S. It only happens with my external drive. I don't have this problem with other distros I've used meaning this is a new problem. But, no matter what I did, the same issue occurs. If I try renaming a file in my home directory or some place on the OS drive, it works as it should. I have no idea what to even google if this is a bug in trusty. Or maybe it's a new bug? It's definitely a bug - it reoccurs each time.
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