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@zero17388 - I'm glad I could help

It seems that I found solution to udev rule problem with USB base station used to connect 2 devices (mouse + keyboard). I've tested it on Logitech MX3100 (keyboard + MX1000 mouse). It seems that it works.

I analyzed files and directories in /sys/class/input/input1 (keyboard) and /sys/class/input/input2 (mouse) and noticed that /sys/class/input/input1/device/bInterfaceNumber and /sys/class/input/input2/device/bInterfaceNumber are diffrent.
bInterfaceNumber for input1 (keyboard) is 00 and for input2 (mouse) - 01.
This is modified udev rule which utilizes this fact:
KERNEL=="event[0-9]*", SYSFS{../name}=="Logitech USB Receiver", SYSFS{../device/bInterfaceNumber}=="01", NAME="input/event9"
I guess that
KERNEL=="event[0-9]*", SYSFS{../device/bInterfaceNumber}=="01", NAME="input/event9"
should be enough.

Can someone test it and check whether it works or not?

@ztripez - You have a bit diffrent hardware but you can try this udev rule. If, however, it won't work, solution to your problem is probably similar.
It works for me too, I've removed my blacklist and so activate pcskr and with your udev it's working perfectly. Thanks again, again and ... again