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    Hello everybody. This is written in pure frustration so please excuse my BIG letters. I have tried alot of Linux distros (Mint, kubuntu, debian, Mandriva, Fedora, Puppy, Slax etc) a couple of years ago. Problem was then: suspend/resume function, live web-video stream (silverlight etc), mulitple monitors and lack of support for software included with electrical equipment for home use (Logitec harmony-remote and other), tasks that has absolutely no issues what so ever when running MS Windows or Mac OSX. Yes, I'm aware of that it is the manufacturer's responsiblity to support linux, not the other way around.

    So, this weekend I decided to give it another shot as years have passed since last attempt and I absolutely presumed that things have happened in development of Linux desktop solutions.

    But no.. Nothing has changed? Exept of much faster boot, it is still impossible for a normal user to get suspend/resume to work. It seems NASA has to assist just to get two monitors work, live web-stream you just have to forget and WTF? WHY IS IT ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO MAKE A SHORTCUT ON MY DESKTOP?

    All of this is plain, simple, day to day tasks that nobody even think about how it is done in other OS'es. IT JUST WORKS! Almost AUTOMATICALLY!

    Therefore I almost get angry inside me when somebody even mentions that a modern Linux distro (like Ubuntu) is easy to use and is a good substitute for Windows or OSX. Untill now it is NOT, and it is plain and simple because it is not plain and simple to use.

    I can see there is alot of people who get this to work, but me and I think most computer users, do not have nor the time or the patience to try any more... Thanks!

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    Re: Forever trouble..

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