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Thread: No desktop on login and password required to logout.

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    No desktop on login and password required to logout.

    Hi all,

    I have 14.04 mini install with xfce4. Having a few probs. I have installed xdm, but when I login it doesn't take me to a desktop. Also, when I logout it asks for password. Have I missed something? I tried a few; slim, lxdm (which dragged in a lot of lxde stuff), but none take me to a desktop.

    When I don't use a login manager I boot to Trusty and am taken to a CLI screen where I can login, pw, then 'startxfce4' and it boots to a desktop. But now it has started giving me a choice of 'default' 'logout' or 'new session'. If I hit 'new session' I'm asked to input a name for the new session.

    Having fun fiddling, nonetheless.

    PS: I have a feeling perhaps there should be something installed that's not because I lack permissions to do a few things. I'll post new threads about the major probs.
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