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Thread: bash completion restrict filetypes for specific commands

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    bash completion restrict filetypes for specific commands


    I'm trying to figure out how tell bash to only autocomplete certain filetypes for specific commands. I've been finding some articles and answers related to this, but I don't think I've found exactly what I want. I'm still rather ignorant when it comes to my .bashrc file, so some of what I've found has been a bit over my head.

    I use vim a lot to edit tex files, and using autocomplete on compiled tex files is kind of annoying because there are always a bunch of files with the same filename, but different extensions, .aux, .log, etc. I can add a FIGNORE= to my bashrc file to ignore these, which is useful. But I don't want to add .pdf to this list (so that vim will always autocomplete with the .tex filename) because then .pdfs are ignored for all commands I use.

    It looks like the complete command can do it, but I haven't understood anything well enough to decipher what to do. And man complete doesn't have an entry. Can bash be configured like this? And if so, can someone provide some help, or point me to an article with a good tutorial on using this feature?


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    Re: bash completion restrict filetypes for specific commands

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    Re: bash completion restrict filetypes for specific commands

    Thanks for the link. I think I've found the solution inside /usr/share/bash-completion/bash_completion

    there is a _install_xspec function which is a custom function based upon complete, and below this are numerous uses of the function with various common commands, such as vim. I can add in the tex extension here and I get the behavior I want (I think, I've only fiddled around a little bit so far).

    Somewhere, I saw mention of a ~/.bash_completion which I do not already have. Instead of editing the file in /usr/share/bash-completion/ , can I create a ~/.bash_completion that bash will use? If so, does having this ~/ file need to just have the additional options I want, or should it be an entire copy of /usr/share/bash-completion/bash_completion with my edits? Is the /usr version overwritten when I update ubuntu versions, which would then lose all my changes (if I changed that version of the file)

    Thanks again.

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