I have ubuntu 13.10 on dual boot with win8 on separate partitions running on Samsung NP350 with 8GB Ram and intel i5 3210M processor.
I have a couple if little but very annoying problems. Firstly when I alter the sound using keyboard shortcut it either goes to full volume or mute, depending which i pressed and keeps flashing untill i press esc. After that the sound button in the top right is not working and the only way to alter the volume is to do it by settings. Firefox gave up on me and freezes on everything like opening a page and playing a video on youtube is out of question, no such problems with Chromium. The last issue is that at random times I cannot input any text anywhere. It will either only affect the program I'm using like chromium or libre office or it will affect the whole computer including the unity home folder and all the buttons on the top bar. The only way to resolve this is by rebooting. This happens very often and even now in the time it took me to write this I had to reboot once ( thankfully I only had one sentence at that point )

Any ideas?

I had a look at the forums before posting but didn't find anything apart from the sound problem but that was to no avail since the link provided did not work and the code was not recognised in the terminal.