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Thread: KMix Change Playback Device

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    KMix Change Playback Device

    Hi, i'm not sure, but i hope this is the correct forum section.

    I recently switched to kubuntu and everything works fine. I have a internal sound card and an external usb sound card. With the sound mixer KMIX, which comes with kubuntu i am able to move each output stream to any output device / playback device i want. But i miss an option to move all existing output streams to a playback device.
    I want an easy way to switch completely from my stereo to my headset and vice versa.

    Am i just too dumb to see it, or is it not possible to move all streams at once?

    Thanks and have a nice Day

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    Re: KMix Change Playback Device

    Try System Settings > Multimedia > Audio and Video Settings. If you click the Hardware tab, you can switch the output device.
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    Re: KMix Change Playback Device

    Changing the output device there has no effect for me. Listening music with my extern usb sound card (headset) and it does not matter, what device i choose, the music still comes from the headset


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