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Thread: HOWTO: Screen Resolution in Hoary 5.04

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    Re: HOWTO: Screen Resolution in Hoary 5.04


    Lots of people having these problems. I updated my original post on this same thread. Here.

    I'd like to politely ask people with these problems to start a new thread (unless you already have), with as much information of the problem as possible. Do not send it under Tips&Tricks. Good forum is probably Hoary/Installation help:

    This will make it a lot easier to answer and help you, because keeping track of who's who is quite a challenge if you have four different discussions going on in one thread. I'm sure you understand.

    If you already have posted your question and it has not been answered, you can probably edit your message on this thread to include link to that other thread. Me and many others will have better chance to help. Your message will also probably be seen by more people than now posting on this long old thread.

    Thank you very much for understanding.

    EDIT: Of course this reflects just what I think and I'm not (and do not wish to be) MOD.
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