This is my first post in the forum, hope I can explain my situation in a good way.

I just received a Gigabyte P34G laptop with Windows 8 pre installed in two different drives (system = SSD 128 GB and data = HDD 1TB). As I regularly do, I created a bootable USB drive using unetbootin. The Ubuntu version I am trying to install is 13.10 with root partition in SSD and home partition in HDD. I have done everything I know I need to do for a UEFI dual boot installation in this case:

- Removing hibernation (at the same time removing Fast Boot), because of space I needed in the SSD.
- Disabling Secure Boot from UEFI BIOS.
- Unallocating space from both SSD and HDD for / and /home.

After all this I boot from the USB drive and I enter the "grub" menu with the options: Try Ubuntu without installing, install Ubuntu, etc. So I try the first option Ubuntu starts loading (screen with Ubuntu logo and five dots). Suddenly all five dots turn red and screen freezes (at least that is what it seems). The USB drive works perfect in my desktop running Windows 7 + Ubuntu 12.04 with "regular" BIOS. Thank you for your time.