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Thread: updating adobe flash

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    updating adobe flash

    hi everyone. I cannot watch Comcast videos in Firefox or Chrome. I recieve a message stating that I need to update my flash player to the newer version--11.8.0. The new version on the website for Ubuntu is 11.2 etc. I downloaded the file--extracted onto the desktop--and try to cp it into the /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins. Unfortunately, it did not work.
    Is it because I am using Mythbuntu instead of Ubuntu. Any assistance will be appreciated. sister5091

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    Re: updating adobe flash

    11.2 is the only version for linux you can use, except for the version with google-chrome.

    That's google-chrome, and not the open source chromium-browser, which is available in the repostories of Ubuntu.
    You have to download the google chrome browser and install it your self.
    Though there is a ppa to get the chrome flash plugin to work on the open-source chromium browser
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