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    Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 349

    Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue 349 for the weeks December 23, 2013 - January 5, 2014.

    Links to UWN

    In This Issue

    • Announcing the new Technical Board Members
    • Announcing the new Ubuntu IRC Council
    • Announcing Ubuntu and Android dual boot developer preview
    • Welcome New Members and Developers
    • Ubuntu Stats
    • Victor Tuson Palau: Developing for Android and Ubuntu - with the same phone
    • Jonathan Riddell: Photo Retrospective: Ubuntu
    • Ubuntu GNOME: Ubuntu GNOME Team is growing
    • Lubuntu Blog: Unified Box theme
    • Sean Davis: LightDM GTK+ Greeter 1.7.0 Released
    • Jorge Castro: nginx coming to main in 14.04
    • Jono Bacon: Ubuntu In 2014
    • Nathan Haines: Which version of Ubuntu do I install?
    • Ubuntu Kylin: Released the first Linux client for Chinese cloud storage services
    • Messaging interaction
    • In The Press
    • In The Blogosphere
    • Full Circle Magazine #80
    • Upcoming Meetings and Events
    • Updates and Security for 10.04, 12.04, 12.10, 13.04 and 13.10
    • And much more!

    General Community News

    Announcing the new Technical Board Members

    The poll has been completed and the following nominees have been
    elected to the Technical Board:

    Congratulations and welcome! And thanks again to everyone who stood
    for election.

    Announcing the new Ubuntu IRC Council

    The poll of Ubuntu IRC Members closed today and the following nominees have been elected to the Ubuntu IRC Council:

    Congratulations to the new IRC Council Members! And thanks to Neal and Nathan for standing for election.

    Announcing Ubuntu and Android dual boot developer preview

    David Planella announces the preview of a new feature for developers, the running of Ubuntu on mobile devices alongside Android on a single handset. David says the feature is recommended for developers only, provides some screenshots of switching between the OSes, and informs us how the facility can be installed.

    This news was widely covered on news sites and blogs; the following is a selection of those articles:

    Welcome New Members and Developers

    Sujeevan Vijayakumaran has been an important part of the Ubuntu DE team, organizer of the (annual Ubuntu conference) and head of, the most popular German Ubuntu related forum.

    Ubuntu Stats

    Bug Stats

    • Open (107727) -60 over last week
    • Critical (115) -3 over last week
    • Unconfirmed (53013) -396 over last week

    As always, the Bug Squad needs more help. If you want to get started, please see

    Ask Ubuntu Top Questions this week

    ==== Most Active Questions ====

    ==== Top Voted New Questions ====

    People Contributing the best questions and answers this week: Julian Stirling (, pacificfils (, albert green (, darent ( and falconer (

    Ask (and answer!) your own questions at

    The Planet

    Kubuntu Wire: Kubuntu 13.10.. On a Lenovo Ultrabook

    Danny Snowman writes about the installation of Kubuntu on a Lenovo T431 ultrabook, writing: "Ultrabooks are an Intel developed specification or brand for high end laptops that are lightweight. There's no ultrabooks that are preinstalled with Linux yet, but that doesn't mean you can't install your favorite linux distribution on it."

    Victor Tuson Palau: Developing for Android and Ubuntu - with the same phone

    Victor Palau informs us that he has been dual-booting Android and Ubuntu on the same device, as a user and as a developer. Victor mentions briefly some of the advantages in dual booting and says that he hopes to see more integration between both development environments.

    Benjamin Kerensa: Ubuntu's Addiction to Dual-Booting

    Benjamin Kerensa writes "I was disappointed to see Canonical push a release of Ubuntu Touch that allows users to Dual-Boot to Android." Benjamin goes on to say that Ubuntu has made significant progress of what users expect on their desktop, but he feels that Mark Shuttleworth didn't envision Ubuntu as being a platform that required its users to dual-boot in order to fulfill their computing needs.

    Jonathan Riddell: Photo Retrospective: Ubuntu

    Jonathan Riddell writes "I'm done triaging old photos, here's some of my favourite Ubuntu themed ones from 2005 to 2009."

    Ubuntu GNOME: Ubuntu GNOME Team is growing

    Ali Linx, on behalf of the Ubuntu GNOME team, announces new members to the Wiki & Documentation and Marketing & Communications teams. Ali says the team will continue to recruit more contributors and volunteers and lists the areas in which help is needed.

    Lubuntu Blog: Unified Box theme

    Rafael Laguna writes "Unified means that Box is getting more complete and global. Now we included full support for Unity and Metacity." Rafael shows us some screenshots and provides instructions on where to obtain the theme and icons.

    A follow-up post also notes support for Xfce:

    Sean Davis: LightDM GTK+ Greeter 1.7.0 Released

    Sean Davis writes that the first development release leading to LightDM GTK+ Greeter version 1.8 has been made available. Sean lists the new features, improvements and bug fixes, provides some screenshots, and informs us how the development release can be installed.

    Jorge Castro: nginx coming to main in 14.04

    Jorge Castro reports that nginx will sit alongside Apache in 14.04 with full security updates over the life of the release. Jorge credits Thomas Ward for his tireless efforts and adds that there are some Juju charms that allow dynamic swapping between Apache and nginx.

    Jono Bacon: Ubuntu In 2014

    Jono Bacon briefly looks at 2013 which he says was a phenomenal year for Ubuntu. Jono says that 2014 will bring a single platform code-base for phone, tablet, and desktop that adapts to each device on which it runs, and that 2014 will be the year when we see this new era of Ubuntu convergence shipping to consumers. He ends his post with "... my goal is to help keep us working together as a community, keep us focused on the bigger picture, keep our discourse constructive, and to keep the fun in Ubuntu."

    Nathan Haines: Which version of Ubuntu do I install?

    Nathan Haines asks himself which version of Ubuntu to install, 12.04 LTS or 13.10? He looks at user experience, available software updates, and the online search capability but discounts installing 14.04 LTS. Nathan concludes "So the next time you recommend Ubuntu to a friend, consider offering them Ubuntu 13.10, and give them an experience that really showcases why we love Ubuntu and Free Software."

    Other Community News

    Ubuntu Kylin: Released the first Linux client for Chinese cloud storage services

    Jack Yu from Ubuntu Kylin team announces the official release of Kingsoft Kuaipan client. Kingsoft Kuaipan is one of the largest cloud storage service providers in China and provides 2TB free storage for each user. It supports clients for Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, iPad, etc, but not Linux. Since August 2013, Ubuntu Kylin team started to cooperate with Kingsoft Cloud Cooperation and develop the Linux client. Now, Ubuntu/Ubuntu Kylin users can use it freely!



    More information about Kingsoft Kuaipan:

    Canonical News

    Messaging interaction

    Bejan Alizadeh tells us about the Design team's recent work on user interaction, specifically relating to sending and deleting multiple SMSs. Bejan has kindly embedded a couple of videos in his post and says "As with many of the current interactions, these are work-in-progress -- we'll be keeping you updated with any further developments."

    In The Press

    Mark Shuttleworth interview: Taking Ubuntu beyond desktops

    Darien Graham-Smith of PC Pro interviews Mark Shuttleworth. Amongst many other questions, he asks about Ubuntu's focus on the desktop, encouraging developers to produce apps for Ubuntu, whether any hardware partners are lined up to make Ubuntu phones and tablets, and which phone Mark uses on a personal basis.

    10 tech heroes of 2013

    Jack Wallen of TechRepublic applauds ten people who he thinks made 2013 an exciting year. Among the ten are Mark Shuttleworth for whom his posts says "If Shuttleworth has his way, Linux will become a household name."

    Ubuntu puts Nginx Web server on equal footing with Apache

    Jon Brodkin of Ars Technica informs us that the next version of Ubuntu Server is expected to include Nginx in the main archive meaning it will sit alongside Apache with full security updates over the life of the release. Jon quotes several sources involved in getting the updated Nginx packages added to the distribution and links to a tutorial on setting up Nginx on Ubuntu.

    In The Blogosphere

    Top 13 developments of Ubuntu in 2013

    Sayantan Das of Muktware writes that 2013 was an interesting year for Linux and Ubuntu, and takes a look at the year's top 13 Ubuntu developments. In his review, Sayantan includes the announcements of Ubuntu Touch OS and Mir, the closing of Ubuntu Bug #1, Ubuntu Edge, and the release of Steam OS.

    Apps To Keep An Eye On: Lubuntu Tweaks

    Joey-Elijah Sneddon of OMG! Ubuntu! suggests that Lubuntu users looking for more control over their desktop experience might want to check out 'Lubuntu Tweaks'. Joey-Elijah says that the application is currently light on options but with Lubuntu set on switching to a new Qt-based version of LXDE its functionality is only likely to grow.

    Ubuntu Linux WiFi Security: Canonical Combats Criticism

    Christopher Tozzi, The VAR Guy, writes about the recent criticism of Ubuntu's NetworkManager storing WiFi passwords in an insecure way. Christopher points out that the problem affects all Linux distributions, ending with "There are plenty of valid criticisms of decisions made by the developers of Ubuntu -- as of any operating system -- but this is not one."

    Not Quite Off Topic: Switch to Linux/Ubuntu

    Peter Van Buren, of The Dissenter, writes that he is now running Ubuntu on all of his computers and that he has no Microsoft products left in his home. Peter makes reference to Microsoft collaborating with the NSA and FBI, and ends by saying "Microsoft (Big Brother) thanks you for your support. Viva la Linux!"

    In Other News

    Full Circle Magazine #80

    Full Circle - the independent magazine for the Ubuntu Linux community are proud to announce the release of our eightieth issue.

    This month:
    • Command & Conquer
    • How-To : Python, LibreOffice, and Use VLM.
    • Graphics : JPG>PDF, and Inkscape.
    • Review: USB Microscope

    plus: Q&A, Linux Labs, Ask The New Guy, My Story, and soooo much more!

    Get it while it's hot!

    Other Articles of Interest

    Upcoming Meetings and Events

    For upcoming meetings and events please visit the calendars at

    Updates and Security for 10.04, 12.04, 12.10, 13.04 and 13.10

    Security Updates

    Ubuntu 10.04 Updates

    End of Life - April 2015 (Server)

    Ubuntu 12.04 Updates

    End of Life - April 2017

    Ubuntu 12.10 Updates

    End of Life - April 2014

    Ubuntu 13.04 Updates

    End of Life - January 2014

    Ubuntu 13.10 Updates

    End of Life - July 2014


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