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Thread: Galago "caps lock" indicator would be VERY helpful.

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    Galago "caps lock" indicator would be VERY helpful.

    One recurring annoyance on my, otherwise excellent, Galago laptop is the (surprising!) lack of a "Caps Lock" indicator (LED in key, near power, ...).

    One possible 'fix' for this oversight would be an "indicator" (top-right of) Ubuntu screen) which would (hopefully?) indicate (say in Red?) when
    the Caps Lock functional 'mode' is active on the keyboard.

    I haven't found such an indicator but expect that for someone familiar with Ubuntu indicators creating one with such a simple function
    would be rather straightforward.

    Is this something System67 (creator of the Galago) or some knowledgeable user (at creating indicators) knows of, or, could undertake?

    James Luscher

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    Re: Galago "caps lock" indicator would be VERY helpful.

    You're more likely to get an answer in the System 76 forum.

    Thread moved from Desktop Environments to System76 Support.
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    Re: Galago "caps lock" indicator would be VERY helpful.

    I have been using indicator-keylock on my Dell which has no led for caps lock.

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