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Thread: Dash is shloooo....

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    Exclamation Dash is shloooo....

    Is it just me or is Dash slowing down again? every time I press super key it takes a while to search for all apps and docs before showing icons. Then it is ok, works good and fast until the next time I use suspend or shutdown. Isnt that what ureadahead is for? Dash just seems to take longer and longer as time goes by.

    Thank you for any help.
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    Re: Dash is shloooo....

    Ubuntu Unity 12.04LTS (64-bit), I set Do not log activities for Firefox Web Browser. Sped up Dash and overall system response.

    System Settings > Privacy > tab for Do not log activities

    Not sure what exactly slows indexing down with Firefox, but Dash is not needed for Firefox ( FF has it's own history and search function).

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