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Thread: New help loading ubuntu.

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    New help loading ubuntu.

    Hello Ubuntu Community,
    I recently built my first computer. The hardware part went great. Everything worked! On my laptop, I downloaded Ubuntu 13.1. I burned it to a DVD. I went into my Bios (which by the way recognized my processor and RAM) and I changed the priority to use the disk drive first. I saved and restarted. The computer turned on and said something along the lines of," load bootable device which you have selected, then press any key". I would press enter and it would just load that same message again. I tried the whole thing over again with a usb (thinking something had happened to my disk drive), but the same thing happened. Please help me if you can.

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    Re: New help loading ubuntu.

    Thread closed. Please do not post duplicates, it dilutes community effort.


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