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Thread: Gamepad not working

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    Gamepad not working

    Any ideas? Just bought this gamepad for PC and Mac. It's a retro usb gamepad. Would like to use it with zsnes or snes emulator.

    Perhaps someone can post a link to a gamepad that definitely will work on zsnes (that I can get on ebay)
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    Re: Gamepad not working

    Any HID compliant USB gamepad should work with ZSNES. I use the emulator with an original S-type XBOX controller, (Which I had to solder a USB cable to the PCB in place of its original plug.) a generic USB controller, and even a SNES controller hooked up to an older PC's serial port through a homemade adapter.

    Are you able to see the controller through jtest-gtk, or through the terminal? It would be a shame if the controller itself was a DOA. (Dead-on-arrival.) If it's used, I'd especially check for pinches in the cable, those are easily fixed.


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