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Thread: Non-PAE: Lubuntu Boot CD fails to start installation

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    Non-PAE: Lubuntu Boot CD fails to start installation


    when I try to install lubuntu on my Thinkpad, I get the message, that my cpu does not support pae and the installation does not continue.
    I am a litle bit angry because I downloaded and burned lubuntu to cd because I read that it would be perfect for "older" machines. My machine is a 1,7 Ghz Pentium Mobile with 2 GB Ram and I can install Windows 7 on this machine (must be stone-age software).


    So now I found out that the ubuntu has problems with pentium m processors. I followed then

    and tried to install

    12.04 Precise Pangolin 32 bit non PAE

    I went through the installation process and after step 7

    1. You need a wired Ethernet connection
    2. At the "boot:" prompt, press the Enter key.
    3. Select "Install" or "Command Line Install".
    4. Select your language & country/territory.
    5. Detect your keyboard layout (you will be asked to press some keys.)
    6. Specify hostname for your system (for use on the network.)
    7. Choose your archive mirror for downloading the base system from.
    8. Partitioning - Most will simply want 'Guided - use entire disk'. [See note 2] for other options.
    9. Updates - Select 'No Automatic Updates' [See note 3].
    10. Let it install GRUB onto the disk. [See USB].
    nothing happened. I only see a pink screen.

    To find out if my thinkpad is the problem I installed in a VM (VMware) and got the exact same. See here:

    Why is it still so difficult to install a simple linux?
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