I'm not sure which category to post this under but figured "installation & upgrades" would be most relevant.

I recently bought a new Lenovo Thinkcentre desktop with Windows 7 pre-installed. The hard drive on the desktop has three partitions: 1-SYSTEM_DRV (is hidden -no drive letter), 2-Windows7_OS (C drive) and 3-Lenovo_Recovery (Q drive). My goal is to create an image of 1 and 2 so that if the hard drive ever becomes corrupted, I can simply re-image the hard drive.

In order to avoid having to download additional software or add complexity, I was planning on just using a Ubuntu 12.04 live cd and the dd command to create the image and use the dd command again in the future to re-image the hard drive if needed.

Can someone help me in creating this image of the two partitions?