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If you run your pendrive as a live CD (made from the iso file without any effort to make it persistent), all files and tweaks and temporary files will be gone after you shutdown the computer. It will be similar to running from a CD or DVD. The root file system will be created from a compressed file and set up in RAM. If there is a disk with a swap partition, some content might be possible to extract from there, otherwise all traces will be wiped a few minutes after shutdown (when the energy has dissipated from the RAM memory cells).

In this case the One Button Installer is not an option, since it will create 'installed systems', which store data in the pendrive.
Thanks. I did not know this. I thought that only live CD was capable of that. So I will test and see if USB will not be modified. USB stick is more convenient for me compared to CD. I just thought it was modifed. That helped a lot - thanks!...