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Thread: three old accounts, one new

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    three old accounts, one new

    I had three separate accounts:
    1. Ubuntuforums (bennypr0fane),
    2. Askubuntu (bennypr0fane),
    3. UbuntuOne (bennypr0fane) - but not linked to the others.
    Now when I came back to Ubuntuforums and read the dislcaimer, I proceeded to to merge 1. with 3., and entered my UbuntuOne e-mail, and requested a password reset. I also changed my e-mail address to my most recent one. I reset the password and went back to forum to log in with the new pwd.
    Now, I'm signed in as bennypr0fane2 though without having changed my username.
    Would you help me get an actual single sign on for all of the above with
    1.) my new e-mail (I'll tell you which one via e-mail or pm) and
    2.) username bennypr0fane
    Thanks, Ben

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    Re: three old accounts, one new

    btw it would also be good to take my post count/karma with me from ubuntuforums and askubuntu

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    Re: three old accounts, one new

    First thing - askubuntu is nothing to do with us.

    Now that you've created a duplicate account in ubuntuforums by using an email that did not match the bennypr0fane one, you cannot break the link between your Ubuntu One account and this bennypr0fane2 account by changing emails and/or passwords. Only a forum admin can do that, which we'll do once you've set the correct email in Ubuntu One.

    The email registered to the bennypr0fane account is a gmail. If you can set that as preferred in Ubuntu One, please do so and then post back after which I or another admin will disassociate this account from Ubuntu One, which will allow you to log into the bennypr0fane account. If the gmail account is no longer active and you cannot set it in Ubuntu One, post back anyway and we'll find another way to do this.
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