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Thread: Run Script @ login with root permissions

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    Run Script @ login with root permissions

    as the title already says I have problems with running a script.
    The script does the following
    1. mount the device (hdd)
    2. check if gxmessage is installed, if not --> install it
    3. do a backup with rsync

    I have made a udev rule to run the script when the hdd is plugged in. There I have no problem because scripts which are executed by udev rules are executed with root permissions.

    Now here is the problem:
    The hdd is plugged in as long as I dont need the notebook in school and this time I get no backups then.
    So I want the script to be executed at login. I tried this with System Settings -> Preferences -> Startup Programs but it doesent have enough permissions.
    I also tried running it with a command in ~/.profile but there is the same problem.

    If you want to see the udev rule or my script please tell me

    I would be glad if anybody could help me
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